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Why would a man need a dog?

Their size may impose, but they are excellent companions. We inform you about some large dog breeds that normally have a calm and peaceful character and show you a guide to the best large breed dog food. In the animal world, being big usually implies imposing your presence. In the case of large dogs, this is usually true, although most of these breeds are faithful and balanced animals. Do you want to meet some of them?

Great Dane, a giant among big dogs

This breed, also known as German bulldog – in the photo that opens this article – has its origin in Germany. It is believed that, in its origins, it was not so docile and sociable, but that the successive crosses have been perfecting its character. Currently, it is an ideal companion animal, and is known as ‘the docile giant’ or the ‘gentle giant’.

If we talk about large dogs, the Great Dane certainly stands out: between 80 and 100 centimeters tall, and with a weight that is around 50 to 100 kilograms. In some cases, some specimens have reached a height greater than two meters when they are standing or on two legs.

As we have said before, its impressive size hides a kind and docile character. He is not usually aggressive with other dogs and, if raised from a puppy, is a fantastic companion for the whole family.


The origin of this breed is in Newfoundland, in present-day Canada. The inhabitants of this region used them as working dogs, which helped in the work of fishing. Later her ability to swim was discovered, and she is currently one of the favorite races in water rescue tasks. 

Undoubtedly, this breed has earned its reputation among large dogs: males can measure up to 90 centimeters to the cross and have an approximate weight of 60 kilograms. Newfoundland’s fur is water-resistant and its coloration varies; Black fur is the most common, however. Like the previous breed, these animals have a calm and loyal character.

The Neapolitan Mastiff, an icon of the big dogs

One of those races that stand out unmistakably for their appearance. This animal descends from the huge Tibetan mastiffs, and there are numerous historical records that mention them as war or combat dogs. The Campania region was one of the most active breeding areas of this breed.

With a height of between 60 and 70 centimeters and a weight that is around 85 kilograms on average, the Neapolitan mastiff stands out for the enormous amount of skin that covers its body. This feature is accentuated on the head, where numerous folds of skin appear.

This breed has a reputation as a guard dog, but if trained and educated correctly, it can be a faithful and balanced companion.

Saint Bernard

We have to travel to the Swiss Alps and northern Italy to find the origin of this breed. Their exploits as rescue and rescue dogs in mountainous areas are well known, although they are also excellent cattle herders.

The San Bernardo has a height of between 65 and 75 centimeters – the females are somewhat smaller – and weigh up to 80 kilograms. His calm and peaceful character contrasts with his appearance, no doubt. And they are strong and muscular animals, but meek; yes, it requires large spaces to live. There are two varieties according to the length of their fur.

Irish Wolfhound

If we talk about stature, the Irish wolf can compete for the title of champion. This breed comes from Ireland, and its origin goes back to the sightings that the Celts used for hunting. 

Its height is impressive – up to 100 centimeters at the cross – and they weigh between 45 and 55 kilograms. Despite these data, the Irish wolf is slender and has a strong and very hard coat. Once again, we emphasize that the appearance of this breed hides an extremely docile character: it is balanced and has a lot of attachment to the smallest of the house.

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