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Why would a man need a dog?

So about a month has passed and you are accustomed to smooth loads. Try to divide the time of the walk into three parts: training and sports, games with you and “besilki” with relatives.

Now you are ready for more serious exercises!

  1. On foot to the floor with the dog.

No matter how high you live, you can and must accustom yourself daily to climb the floor on foot. This should be done slowly, smoothly and with stops. At first, you can press the lower floor and only part of the path is walkable. Do not be fooled, try to do this simple exercise every day and the result will not belong in coming.

  1. Skiing.

To do this, you will need the simplest skiing. No special skills required. Just try to get out into the forest 1-2 times a week in winter and make the dog run ahead, paving your way, often go down the path and drive through the field and deep snow.

  1. If you were only enough for sticks, you can safely do the Nordic walking fashionable today.

Of course, it’s good to get to the forest park for this purpose, but a few circles around the stadium will be a good help in weight loss issues for your pet.

  1. When the dog has gained sufficient physical form, it will be possible to smoothly enter it into the world of amateur sports.

Well “dries” running, amateur parkour – jumping over barriers and even just benches, walking on a boom, jumping over obstacles, climbing trees.

But do not get carried away with jumping if the dog is large and heavy, everything is good in moderation.

A medium-large dog is quite capable of riding children on a sled in winter, skiing, pulling a bicycle, you only need to buy or sew a special riding harness for it, clearly tailored to the size of the animal.

If you’re not at all ready for such changes, you can train to run in the field for a car at a low speed, though for a puppy there is a risk of learning to run in the future not only for your car, but also for strangers. Alternatively, in the country, you can ask a relative or a neighbor boy to run a dog on a bicycle, naturally under your supervision. Before training, you need to properly warm up the muscles and, in general, you should show the dog to the doctor at the beginning and specify the loads that are useful to her.

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