There are people who are dog-lovers, and there are cat-lovers. And some just love animals. Different. Of all sorts. They even have a home, sometimes, as in Noah’s Ark – each creature has a pair))) And it doesn’t matter whether a pet meows or barks, they love everyone, everyone is happy and everyone will find a corner booth in the heart and in the apartment.

Some decide to get both a dog and a cat thoughtfully and thoughtfully over, plan ahead, discuss … And others have it all spontaneously, their life circumstances just happen. They threw, for example, a baby kitten under the door … Do not drive him away, he will die from hunger and cold! So they take it to the house. So what if the dog already lives there, make friends somehow!

Everyone knows that by nature a cat and a dog are antagonists. So what to do?!

A wise owner will read a competent article on how to make a cat and dog friends and will help his animals make peace in the apartment! And we, in turn, will try to help this owner with valuable advice – how to behave correctly in such a situation and what, first of all, you need to pay attention to.

It will depend on the owner’s behavior in how much the cat and dog can make friends quickly and easily. And it will depend on how old the cat and the dog appeared in the house.

Two babies

The most ideal scenario is when both the cat and the dog appear in the family at the same time and are completely kids. Freshly-weaned from their mother, they will find in each other valuable support and a soul mate. Kids are not used to sleeping alone, this is a real stress for them. They will cling to each other in a dream, together they will be easier and calmer.

It is easier for naughty, restless children to make contact with each other – joint games, pranks, and fun combine!

Adult animal and baby

If you already have an adult cat and you take a puppy, or, conversely, a small kitten appears in a family with a dog that has already grown up, the first time you will have to be on your guard!

Do not leave animals alone unattended! Their acquaintance and communication at first should take place only under your control. All the rest of the time during the first two to three days the animals should be isolated, in different rooms. Let them hear sounds, smell and get used to each other at a distance.

So the cat and dog will worry less, and an adult animal will not be able to inadvertently harm the baby, causing injury.

Feeding animals is also desirable at first in different rooms.

Usually, dogs are calmer and even about the appearance of a new family member. Cats are more jealous, distrustful and wary. Therefore, it is very important to provide that the cat has its own “islet of safety”, on which, in which case, she could hide from the dog’s attacks.

Arrange for a cat a special sleeping place – a soft house or a cozy shelf at a height convenient for her so that the dog could not get there. A cat should be able to be in solitude whenever she wants to!

Two adult animals

Perhaps this is the most difficult of all possible options. An adult animal most likely already has a certain experience in communicating with another species. Moreover, most likely, it will not be positive. Perhaps your cat has already been driven by dogs, or the dog, on the contrary, was scratched by the cat pursued by it.

For an adult cat and dog to be able to make friends, it will take much more time and effort. The most important thing in such a situation is to be patient and in no case do not force events.


Remember that cats and dogs have different manifestations of emotions. For example, a dog wags its tail, showing us its positive attitude and friendly attitude. If the cat wags its tail, this indicates its tense and irritated state.

Do not drive animals against their will and carefully monitor any signals of fear, hostility or aggression.

Sooner or later, curiosity will prevail over caution, and their friendships will gradually begin to emerge!

Old-timer and brand new

If you already had a pet and recently appeared “brand new, an old-timer can begin to experience this fact painfully. Remember that animals are sometimes terribly jealous.

In order not to provoke them into conflict, make it a rule to try to give them the same amount of attention. For example, it is desirable to feed or stroke them together, so that they do not have the desire to compete among themselves for a piece of food or caress the owner.

Fortunately, there are often cases when a beloved pet “adopts” a new one, accepting him as his child – begins to look after him and entertain him.


Remember that cats and dogs have a slightly different attitude to food. The cat eats exactly as much as he wants now, putting aside the excess in the plate. The dog will strive to be able to do his whole portion and, in addition, profit from cat food.

To prevent the dog from overheating, remove bowls with leftover food, setting them by the clock, when the time comes for feeding. Now you have to more closely monitor how your pets eat in order to prevent the hunger of one and overeating of the second.

Help the cat and dog make friends!

The owner of the trick can help their pets get close. For example, you can come up with joint games for a cat and a dog. You can go for a walk all together or go to the cottage. Even just soaking up on the couch surrounded by your pets, petting and combing both of them, is a great move to make a cat and dog friends and make peace in the family!

I want to summarize the topic briefly – love, care and attention of the owner work wonders.

Show patience and wisdom and your animals will live together.

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