How to wean a dog to nibble things ?!

I am sure every dog ​​owner has encountered this problem at least once. Each puppy goes through this stage when he gets acquainted with the world, trying it “by the tooth.” It is very important during this period to teach the pet the “rules of the game” and not to lose mutual understanding between the owner and the dog.

In order to wean a dog to gnaw things, it is necessary, for a start, to understand and eliminate the reasons for such a pet’s behavior.

I highlight five main reasons why a dog nibbles things :

  1. The dog’s teeth are being cut. In the period from 3 to 6 months, the puppy’s teeth are changed from milk to permanent. Chewing objects and gnawing things, the puppy reduces pain in the gums, removing discomfort.
  2. A dog left alone may be anxious. The reaction of the nervous system to such stress can result in damage to things – the dog chews, bites and scratches them.
  3. It happens that a dog nibbles things, regardless of whether it is alone or not. Most likely, in this case, the reason for this behavior is the banal pet boredom. He lacks physical activity, games, walks. Thus, the dog splashes out its excess energy.
  4. Some things and objects have a too attractive smell for the dog and provoke her to chew and chew. Especially if the dog is hungry.
  5. Having played a dog, it may also begin to chew things that are not intended for this purpose.

Now, starting from the root cause of the unwanted behavior of the dog, we can proceed to its correction.

The first and most important thing – if a problem has arisen, it cannot be ignored, it is necessary to immediately begin to solve it, without putting it into the far box. The problem itself will not go anywhere. If nothing is done, the unwanted behavior of the pet over time will only be fixed. As a result, some owners, with their connivance, bring the situation to the point that they have to return the “not trained” puppy to the breeder or look for new owners for him.

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