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Why would a man need a dog?

The dog loves to jump

We use the same principle as in the previous paragraph, but now we place the bottle with the treat (or the dog’s favorite toy) on the lower branches of the tree.

Let the dog reach and jump low for the cherished toy. Remember to encourage her interest and build on her success. Gradually place the bottle (or toy) higher and higher.

For this period, I advise you to transfer all the food to the street and feed your usual portion for work, but then the whole breakfast. But at home, on the contrary, divide your daily amount of food into several feedings and smoothly cut each serving into 1 \ 4 part. You can use the principle of 20 minutes – to give only a portion of a serving, and when it starts to digest and the dog feels full, offer the remaining quarter. So the dog will stop worrying, waiting for the supplement and at the same time will already feel less hungry.

In the future, it will be easier for her to refuse this part – an additional portion of dinner.

An excellent pastime will be playing a plate – frisbee, gradually develop the pet’s natural dexterity, increasing the height and changing the amplitude of the throw. If the dog is at first indifferent – play together and just let the dog “steal” the plate and chase after it, and also ask to bring you a fallen shell, in exchange for refreshments.

No less valuable is the game of constriction and puller. Teach your dog to play different games with you or inspire two dogs to take the ring from each other. You can also play constrictions with the ropes, with the whole family, including children. No less infectious can be dog football with a half-deflated soccer ball.

The dog loves to swim.

In the bag! Just as often as possible give her this pleasure, do not rush to close the season, gradually tempering and accustoming you to swim even in the hottest time of the year. If the dog is afraid of depth, just encourage her to play and run in shallow water, find a cozy shallow “bay” let frolic. Throw a ball, puller, frisbee into the water. Walk along the banks of the stream and pebbles more often.

The dog does not like anything and just pulls the leash.

Rare luck! We go on a stretch in deep snow, sand, fresh grass, meadow.

Buy or sew a comfortable riding harness and a good sling with a shock absorber, tie it to your belt. For some time, you can walk on a pull and on the asphalt, it collects well metacarpus. Let it pave your way in a snowdrift in the forest!

Do not be afraid that the dog will learn to pull, just give her before that a special command – “forward” or “hop”! And of course, at the same time, learn to walk on a command “near” with a piece near the nose, but not just like that, but around trees and up the hill.

Accustom yourself a little to longer walks.

Do not be lazy to get up early and walk the dog for at least 40-60 minutes before work. Look for places where you can safely lower the dog off the leash.

Find a company, the dogs run out each other perfectly in the game.

Accustom yourself every day to train 15-20 minutes, but without passes. In the evening, walk for at least 1.5-2 hours, and actively and cheerfully, and at the weekend find the opportunity to get out into the forest/park or river.

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